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Hi everyone! I hope you're all well :) I'm writing to let you all know that in light of what has happened, I have decided to move on from Llanyravon Social Club and have a total fresh ...
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Hi everyone. Hope that you're all okay  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to cancel my classes this evening. I've unknowingly had Covid over the past week and I'm still ...
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Hope that you’re well and having a fab Summer so far 😊 I’ve got some exciting news that I think you may be interested in! I’ve got the go-ahead to restart my classes at Llanyravon Social Club, and am hoping to be back up and running from mid-July all being well 😊 I just need to check what the interest is before I start making plans! 
Before you get back to me, there are a few things to keep in mind. Please read the points below:
- Due to covid guidelines class numbers will be restricted in order to obey social distancing rules, therefore the prices will be going up slightly (by a £1)
- Pre-booking for classes will be essential. I am in the process of looking at online booking systems, where you can pay and book for your classes ahead of time
- I will not be running classes that require equipment, therefore Kettlericse will not be running at this time (sorry!). For classes that require a mat, you will need to bring along your own (These can be easily purchased for reasonable prices)
If you are up for coming back to classes, please get in touch with which ones you’d like to see on the Timetable (I know Zumba will definitely be requested!)  My timetable hasn’t changed in such a long time, so I was thinking of mixing it up a bit and maybe trialling some new classes such as Aerobics and/or body conditioning/legs bums and tums. What do you think?
Really looking forward to hearing from you all! 😊 ❤


Want to get fit whilst having fun? Then what are you waiting for? Get yourself to one of my classes where I can help you on your journey to being a fitter, healthier, happier and more confident you!

I offer a wide variety of fitness classes in the Cwmbran area, ranging from Zumba to Yoga, which are open to everyone aged 16+

My classes are not only fun, but a great workout! I guarantee you will go away sweating and smiling, so what are you waiting for? Join me today!

About Me...

My name is Olivia Sweeney and I am absolutely passionate about exercise and started training in the fitness field when I was just 18! I now run an assortment of my own private fitness classes including Zumba, Yoga and Pilates in the Cwmbran area.

I pride myself on being a very friendly and welcoming Instructor who runs safe, fun and effective fitness classes to people of all ages (16+) and abilities in the community.

I absolutely love my job! I love seeing people reaching their goals, and enjoying keeping fit. I know how much happier and healthier I have become through exercise, I'm certain it will do the same for you too!

I hope to welcome you to one of my classes soon!


'What you get from Olivia Sweeney; Commitment, encouragement, dedication, support, knowledge and fun. It's like having a personal trainer without the expense! And much friendlier than a gym/stadium' - Pamela Wilks

'Olivia is so friendly and knowledgeable. I really feel like I have worked out after class. Totally recommend!' - Kristy Maloney

'I really enjoy Olivia's classes, there's something for everyone, no matter what fitness level you're at! She's an absolute star, so kind and caring and she makes me feel motivated every week' - Shanayed Bradbury

'I'm usually lazy, I admit! But since I found these classes I actually look forward to exercising! Instructor is lovely and welcoming, I really enjoy it and definitely recommend!' - Lisa Larcombe

'Olivia's classes are fantastic, no matter what your level or what you want to do. Whether it's stretching with some Pilates or Yoga, or a bit of cardio with some Piloxing, Zumba or Kettlebells. I would recommend any of her classes and say give them a go, you'll have fun' - Lee Cora Payne

'Love it Olivia MAKES the class... she is so energetic... so friendly... and it's so much fun!' - Charelz Megan