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Hi everyone.  Just reminding you that there will be NO classes between Friday 19th - Sunday 28th April. There will also be no classes on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May as it's Bank Ho...
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Hi everyone. Just letting you know the Yoga and Tabata classes this Friday (5th) and Sunday (7th April) are cancelled this week. They will be back up running next week! Sorry for any inconve...
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Zumbathon 8
Zumbathon 7
Zumbathon 2
Zumbathon 3
Zumbathon 4
Zumbathon 5
Zumbathon 9
Zumbathon 10
Zumbathon 11
Zumbathon 12
Zumbathon 13
Zumbathon 14
Zumbathon 15
zumbathon 16
zumbathon 17
zumbathon 18
zumbathon 19
zumbathon 20
zumbathon 21
zumbathon 22
zumbathon 23
Pilates - Single Leg Stretch
Pilates - Double Leg Lower Lift
Pilates - Front Plank
Pilates - Quadricep Stretch Rockback
Pilates - Reverse Plank
Pilates - Rolling Like A Ball
Pilates - Roll Up
Scissors 1
Scissors 2
Pilates - Shoulder Bridge
Pilates - Side Plank (Arm Bent)
Pilates - Side Plank (Arm Lengthened)
Pilates - Superwoman
Pilates - Roll-Over/Hip-Up
Pilates - Teaser Prep
Pilates - The Hundred
Powerhoop class 1
Powerhoop class 2
Powerhoop class 3
Powerhoop class 4
Powerhoop class 5
Powerhoop class 6
Powerhoop class 7
Powerhoop class 8
Halloween fancy-dress-themed Zumba class!
Halloween fancy-dress-themed Zumba class!
Final Just Jhoom! class
Christmas fancy-dress-themed Zumba class!