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Hi Everyone! Hope you're well and having a lovely Summer :) Just to let you know that there will be NO classes between Friday 23rd-Sunday 1st as I'm on holiday.  Hope to see you at...
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Hi everyone. Just giving you advanced notice that there will be NO classes running on Friday 5th-Monday 15th July as I am on holiday. Hope to see you at a class in the meantime! :)


Yoga Class

What is Yoga and why should I take a class?

Yoga is an ancient Indian approach to health and well being, that is not only an excellent form of exercise, but is also a spiritual and mental practice that has many health benefits - both for the body and mind. Yoga postures provide a low-impact way to work all the muscles and joints in the body, increasing not only your overall strength, muscle tone and flexibility, but also increase energy and reduce levels of stress and tension. Mental and spiritual elements of self are enhanced as well, making yoga one of the most effective and rewarding paths to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

10 reasons to practice Yoga:

1. Yoga is for everyone! Yoga can always be adapted to your individual needs, whatever your circumstances.

2. Even if you are facing many challenges in life, it is easy to start doing Yoga and you will experience instant benefits, such a stress-relief. Furthermore, once you begin to practice regularly, Yoga will help you to live your life with renewed positivity and enthusiasm.

3. Yoga is safe. Where other forms of exercise might put a strain on your muscles and joints, Yoga, practised properly (with an awareness of your physical limitations), is a completely harmless form of exercise.

4. Yoga both tones the respiratory system and helps you to breathe more fully, deeply and easily. This in turn will improve your physical and mental well-being.

5. Yoga improves the efficiency of your body systems, aiding digestion, the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.

6. Yoga can improve the quality of your sleep so that, when you wake up, you feel refreshed and full of vitality.

7. Yoga gives you energy and helps you to channel your energy effectively so that you don't waste it on tension, stress and negativity.

8. Through practicing Yoga, you experience a genuine sense of outward tranquility, which eventually helps you to achieve a deep state of inner peace too.

9. Gently stretching with mindfulness in each posture will restore your full range of movement, allowing areas of tightness and compression to release, causing a sense of increased lightness and length throughout the body, as well as improved posture.

10. Yoga will help to tone and strengthen you physically from top-to-toe by gently working all the muscles and joints in the body.