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Hi everyone! I hope you're all well :) I'm writing to let you all know that in light of what has happened, I have decided to move on from Llanyravon Social Club and have a total fresh ...
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Hi everyone. Hope that you're all okay  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to cancel my classes this evening. I've unknowingly had Covid over the past week and I'm still ...
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Pilates FAQ

Pilates Class

Can I do Pilates?

Of course you can! Young or old, there is no limit on learning Pilates. I give options for all levels and abilities, and encourage everyone to go at their own pace and listen to their bodies. However, if you do have any medical conditions, injuries or if you are taking any medications that effect your heart, please seek advice from your doctor prior to participating.

Is Pilates tiring/exhausting? Will I get worn-out quickly?

No. Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that won't leave you 'puffed out' and thus avoids placing stress on your heart and lungs. But just because Pilates doesn't conform to the 'no pain no gain' mentality of other exercise regimes, don't think that it isn't an excellent route to increased fitness. Working at your own pace, you will build up your stamina, strength and flexibility; stretching, lengthening and strengthening muscles as you do so. And because Pilates exercises are performed with precision and control, the risk of injury is greatly reduced too.

Will I lose weight through Pilates exercises?

In essence, Pilates exercise is not a cardiovascular workout and burning calories is not it's main focus. However, in conjunction with a sensible diet and some cardio work such as brisk walking, cycling, aerobics or swimming, Pilates can factor into a weight loss program. Pilates exercises help strengthen, sculpt and tone the body while building long, lean muscles. Whether the number on the scale goes down or not, you will tend to look and feel better through continued Pilates practice.

What should I wear to a Pilates class?

You should wear comfortable, loose, easy-to-move in clothing that does not restrict movement - leggings, tracksuit, t-shirt etc.  We do not wear shoes in Pilates (we usually do the class barefooted or in socks) so no specific footwear is necessary.

What should I bring along to a Pilates class?

Please bring along a mat. These can be easily purchased for reasonable prices. Do ensure that you buy a Pilates-specific mat as these are thicker to provide more cushioning and support as the majority of exercises are on the floor.
You also welcome to bring with you a towel/small cushion/blanket (we may use this is place under our head and neck for support during some moves)

Do I need to book before coming to class?

Yes, pre-booking is essential as spaces are limited. To book please click here.