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Hi everyone. Just giving you advanced notice that there will be NO classes running on Friday 5th-Monday 15th July as I am on holiday. Hope to see you at a class in the meantime! :)
Hi everyone.  Just reminding you that there will be NO classes between Friday 19th - Sunday 28th April. There will also be no classes on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May as it's Bank Ho...
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Kettlercise Class

What is Kettlercise & Why should I take a class?

In recent years the Kettlebell has become a must-have piece of kit to use because of its super-fast fat blasting attributes and NOW you can have go in an affordable, pay as you go, group class environment!

Kettlercise is a non-impact, total-body transformation and toning class using lightweight Kettlebells. It’s designed to shape and sculpt for rapid fat loss, to increase strength, improve your cardio-vascular fitness, blast fat, burn calories and tone up any wobbly bits!
It’s stimulating, invigorating, safe, easy-to-follow, super quick and super effective! It is a complete overall total body workout, which allows participants to receive an aerobic, endurance, and strength workout in one hit! 

The class is structured so you alternate your extremities – upper and lower body – for greater release of growth hormone which has the ability to burn large amounts of body fat. Traditional Kettlebell training uses heavy weights with rests between sets however KETTLERCISE is a totally different concept of lighter loads to maintain higher reps with virtually no rest between exercises in order to achieve the highest in body fat burn. There are around 37 varied moves working upper and lower body, core, back and abs.

Kettlercise is growing in popularity because of the amazing results you get in a short space of time. You will see a noticeable improvement in your body shape and tone as well as your fitness levels within just a few sessions.
This class is unrivalled when it comes to producing results and whatever you’re current fitness level or ability you will be sure to find Kettlercise fun yet challenging!


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